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Welcome to The Key Armory!

Posted by Brian Hermansen on

Good morning fellow nerds!

Let me start by first saying welcome! Welcome to both our brand new blog and to The Key Armory as a whole. It's been a crazy few weeks on our end, with our product going viral online, along with several opportunities that we are extremely excited to discuss (not yet, unfortunately, but very soon!)

This first blog post is going to be a quick introduction to The Key Armory, where the idea came from, our process, our development and more. Feel free to add to the discussion below or ask questions!

In early 2015, I was working with a company to create a key organizer. The idea was simple - create a pocket-knife looking thing that would hold all of your keys in a nice and organized fashion - similar to the Keysmart! At the time, I was ALWAYS thinking about keys. I learned more about keys than I thought I would ever need to know. I learned about keyways, the different types of cuts available, and the types of materials that are used to create good, quality keys. Of course, I never realized it would come into play and be such a huge part of my life at the time.

The more I learned about keys, the more I was fascinated by them. So I began thinking - what can I do to put all this knowledge I had gained to good use? One day, while watching Lord of the Rings, I noticed that Narsil, the blade that was broken, looked a little bit like an uncut key.

And then it hit me like brick! Was there anything in the history of items that would look cooler as a key?

I began working on the concept immediately. Not everyone was on board with the idea at first. But I knew the idea would work well, and I got the necessary funds to make it happen (which wasn't cheap - creating the molds for each design was a lot of work and money).

We played with several designs - from the get-go, I knew that Narsil had to be created. My partner and I also knew that Sting was the next best fit. Of course, you can't talk about famous swords without thinking of the Master Sword and the Kingdom Key, so those were also added to our line-up. For our fifth and final design, we considered several different options, including the Monado from Xenoblade Chronicles and Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7. Ultimately, however, we decided that there was still one more sword that we had left out - one that had influenced thousands upon thousands of people - the lightsaber!

When we first began working on the design for the lightsaber, something became very obvious - we wouldn't have enough leverage to open a standard door. In order to create enough leverage, we needed to add some sort of cross-guards, something all the other designs already had. We thought, "Are there any lightsabers out there with cross-guards on it?" Of course there is! So Kylo Ren's Lightsaber became the fifth and final design for The Key Armory.

Because creating these keys in bulk was so expensive, we decided to create a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise the necessary funds. We launched our Kickstarter campaign in December of 2015, with an expected delivery date of February, 2016. To our great astonishment, The Key Armory was a huge success. With nearly 1,800 supporters, we were able to raise almost $52,000! Through our Kickstarter goal, we allowed our backers to vote on 5 brand new designs. Through voting, we unlocked The Runeblade of Ner'Zhul, the Eye of Thundara, The Royal Shield, the Gunblade Revolver and the Blade of the Direwolf.

Because we unlocked five brand new designs, our release date was pushed back to May of 2015, and we officially began fulfilling around the 15th of May. Ever since, The Key Armory has done exceptionally well, and it's all because of you guys!

Today, we are excited to announce that three more keys are on the way. We aren't allowed to say what they are yet, but we recommend you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know!

Thank you all again for your continued support. We know that The Key Armory would be nothing without you, and look forward to meeting many more customers in the future! :)

The Key Armory

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