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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a key way?

A key way is a slot cut in your lock to ensure correct orientation with a specific type of key. Generally, the United States uses two types of key ways. The first is Kwikset, which covers KW1, KW10, 66, 65, 6, and 5 type keys. The second key way is Schlage, which covers SC1, 68 and C type keys. At The Key Armory, we carry both types of keyways to assure MOST of our customers can find a suitable keyway. If you have a Weiser key, a Kwisket will generally work with your lock. However, because we cannot guarantee this, we do not offer replacements or refunds to those who buy a Kwikset hoping to cut it to match their Weiser lock.

How do I tell which key way I need?

We've made it easy to match your current key to one of our keyways. On each product page, you'll see a banner in the product description that shows the head of the two key ways we carry. In addition, we've created an elaborate Keyway Reference Guide to help you make sure you're getting the correct keyway!

Do you create custom keys?

We do not create custom keys at this time. Creating a single key is extremely expensive, and that's why we mass produce our keys in bulk! If you have a suggestion for a future design, you can fill out the Suggest a Design form.

Do your keys work with cars or motorcycles?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make keys for cars, motorcycles or any other vehicles. Our keys will work with apartments, homes, offices, etc. Like our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on expanded keyways in the future!

What about mailbox keys?

Again, our current key ways aren't suitable for the smaller keys that are used for mailboxes. Our keys will work with apartments, homes, offices, etc. Like our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on expanded keyways in the future!

Do you ship outside of the United States?

While shipping within the United States is free, we DO offer shipping outside of the states. However, because it is so expensive, the customer will need to cover the cost. If you'd like to make a return or exchange your key (assuming the fault is on your end), you'll also need to pay for return shipping and any other charges that may be associated with the exchange of your key. When checking out, simply fill in the shipping address form and shipping will be automatically calculated. If you run into any issues, feel free to Contact Us! You can learn more about our Shipping & Returns policy here.

Do your keys work outside of the United States?

In all honesty, we aren't completely sure! We know that our keys will work with SOME locks in Australia, SOME locks in Canada, and SOME locks in South America. With that said, we cannot guarantee anything outside of the two key ways that we offer. That's way it is EXTREMELY important that you use our Keyway Reference Guide to make sure your key is compatible with our key ways. If you're still not sure whether your key is compatible, Contact Us and we can help you out!