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When the idea of The Key Armory first began forming in my mind, I had a couple of concerns. Primarily, these concerns were:

  • the hilts are going to jab the crap out of people
  • the handles are going to break so incredible easy
  • do people even use keys anymore?

Eventually, these concerns faded away. I would come to find after many months of use that the hilts didn't jab any more than an average key did, the handles didn't break, and that people DID, in fact, still use keys.

As I worked through the different samples I received, one things became clear - the hilt needs to be phenomenal! I didn't want the hilt to be overbearing or in the way, so our initial designs were much smaller. I received them, we used them a good amount, but something didn't feel quite right. So we switched gears and met with a new manufacturer - we addressed our concerns and we got to work.

Several months later, we received our newest samples. The first thing I thought was, "These hilts are WAY too big!" In fact, I even emailed the manufacturer to let them know that these keys wouldn't work, and that we needed to reduce the size. But I got a few cut and I used them for a few weeks.

The more I used the keys, the more I liked the larger hilt. Not only did it feel good in my pocket, it added a new level of charm that I didn't see with our previous samples. And beyond that, the large hilt made it even EASIER to open my door! I finally emailed the manufacturer again to let them know that we would be keeping the larger designs.

Now that we've been selling these keys for over a year, we still get comments and questions regarding the size of the hilt. From our product images, it would appear that the hilt is quite small, leading it to break easily. In reality, our handle is much larger than your average key, providing more leverage to unlock & open your door. Check out the image below comparing two of our keys:

Anyways, the point is that our keys have proven time and time again to be both practical and awesome. :) The size, while deceiving, is perfect for your pocket while still maintaining and genuine likeness to it's inspiration!

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