Official Displays

Many of our customers purchase multiple keys for a variety of reasons. Some people just have a lot of keys! Others want something nerdy to show off. Others like to add to their personal collections! For those collectors, we are proud to present our Official Displays! We offer two different options, both of which are seen below. The Desktop Display is perfect for showcasing your key among your collection. While it CAN hold an entire set of keys while you're lounging about at home, it looks best with a single key. The Wall Hanger Display is perfect for those who'd like to hang up their entire keyring at the end of the day, with the sword-shaped key buried deep into the stone.

Both displays are available as a downloadable STL file. Please note that we DO NOT ship you a 3d printed display. Once you've downloaded the file, you'll need to take it to a 3d printer to get it printed for you. We recommend calling your local library to see if they offer 3d printing, as many local libraries now offer classes and will provide a 3d printed object if you provide the funds to cover the filament (anywhere from 5 to 7 dollars).

Click an image below to check out the different displays!