How It Works

Here at The Key Armory, we sell blanks in the form of both Schlage SC1 and Kwikset KW1. These two keyways match about 90% of locks used throughout the United States. There's no need to send us a picture of your key cut, or send us your key to be duplicated. You'll receive the key blank of your choice, and then get it cut at your local hardware store to match your current key! Keep reading to find out how it works!

1 - Choose Your Preferred Designs

To get started, browse all of our available designs here. Currently, we carry 10 designs, all of which are based on famous designs from Zelda, Lord of the Rings, Kingdom Hearts, and much more! When choosing your designs, you'll need to find out whether you have a KW1 or a Schlage SC1. We've created a Keyway Reference Guide to help you figure out which key is for you. If you're still confused after checking out our guide, feel free to Contact Us!

2 - Checkout & Shipping

Once you've added your preferred designs to your cart, you can checkout via PayPal. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to checkout - on the PayPal page, you can choose to checkout as a guest and use a debit/credit card. We typically ship our products within 1 - 2 business days of receiving your payment. You will be notified via the email you provided when your order status changes. Find out more about our shipping policy here.

3 - Get Your Key Cut

Your key will typically arrive within 3 - 5 business days after it has shipped. Once you receive your blank, you'll need to take it to your local hardware store to get it cut or grinded to match your current key. Please note that you'll need to take whatever key you're going to be duplicating. It is always best to use the original key as opposed to a more recent copy - the original will always duplicate better than a copy will! It should also be noted that some hardware stores will say they won't cut outside keys, meaning that they cannot cut a key they don't carry because they cannot replace it if it doesn't work. If this is the case, we recommend telling them that we, The Key Armory, will replace any incorrectly cut keys, and that this shouldn't be a problem. If they still insist, take it elsewhere. We recommend a professional locksmith first, followed by Ace Hardware and Lowes.

Check out a video of the owners, Brian & Rod, getting a key cut at their local Home Depot!

4 - Enjoy Your Keys

Now that you've received your keys and got them cut, start enjoying them! We would love to hear about your keys, see pictures and more! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and share your keys with us using the hashtag #SWORDKEYS! If you like our keys, please leave us a quick positive review on Facebook!

Thank you again for your support!