Shipping & Returns

General Shipping

All shipments within the contiguous USA are free for customers who order 2 or more keys. Within the states, orders containing only 1 key is $1.99. International shipping varies. Generally, orders placed with us will leave our warehouse within one business day. Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, an order will take up to three days to ship. If this happens we will be sure to contact you and let you know when your item will ship. Although your item may ship out immediately it may take longer than that to receive your tracking number. Tracking numbers will be sent to you via email as soon as that information becomes available to us. Generally, we will ship all orders via USPS. We reserve the right to use any carrier.

Shipments To Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and US Territories

We are happy to ship to one of these areas but unfortunately additional shipping will be charged. To see the cost to ship to one of these areas, add a product to your cart and go through the checkout process. Costs are determined by your exact location. All shipments to one of these areas will also ship within 3 business days. In most cases, your order will leave our warehouse within 1 business day.

International Shipping

Due to the nature of the products we sell here at The Key Armory, shipping costs will match the current prices offered via the USPS. This may be anywhere from $9.50 to $14.50. These prices are due to change. In addition, the keyways offered at The Key Armory are not guaranteed to match the native locks of your country. As such, we will not be offering refunds or exchanges for any international customers who buy from our online store, as it is the sole responsibility of the customer to assure the KW1 or SC1 keyway is compatible with his or her lock. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Damages & Exchanges

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We sell only the finest quality products that we have manufactured ourselves, so we rarely have problems with any of our products. But if your item is damaged or defective in some way, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of. Most of our products are backed by our manufacturer’s warranty. If your item has a defect, please fill out the form to request a replacement. If your product was damaged during shipping, contact us and we’ll help you get a total replacement of the product at no cost to you.


Please find your specific situation from the list of scenarios below to learn how we handle that particular situation:

  1. You decided to cancel your order: If the order hasn’t been shipped out yet, we can cancel the order and issue you a refund with no penalty. If you do not cancel the order until after it has already been shipped, your situation will be handled according to situation 5 below.
  2. You received the product but the product does not work as expected: If the item isn’t working correctly, and it does not appear to have been damaged during shipping, please contact us. If you’ve ordered a key that you know will not fit your lock or have not done the proper research to assure your key will fit your lock, you do not qualify for a refund. We have provided the necessary resources to assure you buy the correct keyway, and it is therefore the responsibility of the buyer to do the research and determine whether or not the key is the right fit for them.
  3. You received an item that appears to have been damaged during shipping: If a package appears to have been damaged during shipping, the item is oftentimes still okay. If the packaging for your item appears to be damaged, be sure to keep all the original packaging until you’ve determined whether or not a shipping insurance claim needs to be submitted. If any of the original packaging is thrown away, we cannot file a shipping insurance claim. Discarding shipping materials or box contents waives your right to get your product replaced or repaired. Before contacting us, please test the item’s functionality. If everything works okay, there is no reason to contact us or file a shipping damage claim. If your product is not working correctly due to the damages that occurred during shipping and you have kept the original shipping materials, please contact us so that we may submit a shipping insurance claim. Once we have confirmed that you still have the original shipping materials and that the item was damaged during shipping, and after we have officially filed the shipping insurance claim forms, we will send out new parts or a new product at no cost to you.
  4. You’ve received the product but you’ve decided you want to return it: If you receive an item and decide to return it, you can do so if and only if all of the following requirements are met:
    1. The item must be unopened, unused, and still in the original packaging.
    2. You must contact us to notify us that you’d like to return the item within 15 calendar days of receiving the item.
    3. You MUST contact us to get return instructions PRIOR to returning the item.
    4. The key you received is uncut. If the key is cut, the item cannot be returned.

    If you return an item without all four of the above requirements being met, the item will be refused and come back to you and no refund will be issued. If you meet all three of the above requirements, your refund will be issued in one of the following two manners (which we will discuss with you over the phone):

    1. You can receive the full amount you originally paid for the returned item (less our actual cost for shipping and handling) as a store credit, OR
    2. You can get a cash refund for the amount you originally paid LESS a 15% restocking fee and our actual cost for shipping and handling.

    In either case, you are responsible for return shipping charges to return the product to us, regardless of where you live.

  5. You refuse the delivery of your order, and it comes back to us: If you refuse an item and it comes back to us, you will be issued a refund LESS a 15% restocking fee and our actual cost for shipping and handling. If the item is damaged during the shipping process, no refund will be issued until the shipping insurance claim process is complete. Once the shipping claim process is complete, you will be issued a refund in the amount we are reimbursed by the shipping company (minus the amount the shipping company charges us for the shipment to you and back to us). If the shipping company does not approve the claim, we are unable to provide a refund.
  6. The locksmith you took the key to cut your key incorrectly: In extremely rare cases, locksmiths can cut a key incorrectly. If you find that your locksmith has somehow cut your key incorrectly, you’ll need to provide proof, usually in the form of picture detailing the cut of each key, of the incorrectly cut key. If we find that the key was cut incorrectly, you will be issued a full refund LESS our actual shipping costs, or sent a new key – whichever you choose. However, if the key cut with the buyers knowledge that it may not fit his or her lock, you are not entitled to a refund or replacement of any kind. We have provided the necessary resources to assure you buy the correct keyway, and it is therefore the responsibility of the buyer to do the research and determine whether or not the key is the right fit for them.